Shengsi Technology Introduce new step motor gearbox for intensive livestock industry

Shengsi Technology Introduces new product of Step Motor gearbox to intensive livestock industry.

Shengsi Technology is proud to announce new step motor gearbox debut this month, it is a more precisely controlled gear drive widely used in livestock and crop storage industry. It is perfectly suitable for livestock shed air inlet or air valves ventilation, due to its accurate positioning capability.

The gearbox drive is equipped with 24V DC step motor, which gives its intelligent control, by using 2-10V control signal, the gear drive can be extremely accurate positioning where it want to be offers Innovative drive systems for accurate and reliable ventilation in livestock farming.

The gearbox is IP65 protection, which can ensure its has excellent of anti dust and water proof capability in harsh environment of livestock shed. The gearbox is constructed of worm gear, with a reliable self locking performance.

In addition, The motor has anti overloading function, also to protects the drive units against power failure or control signal lost, it is integrated a motor control unit with a taught-in emergency position, this need a 24V DC back up power supply to help with.

We also offer steel rack arms, brackets and pinion housings to open and close larger inlets or tunnel door for livestock house. We supply not only system and parts, we are offering total solutions for our clients in terms of intensive livestock house drive system.

Shengsi Technology as a gear drive solutions supplier, is one of market leader in China, offer the most reliable drive solutions for livestock house, especially in terms of ventilation, hoisting, and nest expelling system for intensive livestock industry. With more than 10 years industry experience, our motor gearbox has been exported to more than 20 countries all over the world, clients are mainly in horticultural greenhouse, intensive livestock etc of agriculture. Shengsi motor gearboxes have been proved to be one of the most reliable product all over the world.

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Post time: Aug-18-2021