The 20th China Animal Husbandry Expo (CAHE 2022)

Dates: 5/18/2022 – 5/20/2022

Venue: Western China International Expo City, Chengdu, China.

SSG booth No. : 1031

With breeding enterprises as the core, it covers relevant products and services in all links of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the industry. There are group exhibition area, international exhibition area, pig industry exhibition area, poultry industry exhibition area, feed exhibition area, animal protection (animal health products, veterinary drugs, vaccines) exhibition area, mechanical equipment exhibition area, brand livestock products exhibition area, environmental protection treatment exhibition area, science and technology media, financial services and comprehensive services exhibition area. The exhibition has been at the forefront of the industry and played a great role in promoting the development of the industry and foreign exchanges.

The 20th (2022) China Animal Husbandry Expo and 2022 China International Animal Husbandry Expo, with a total exhibition area of 230000 square meters, 16 indoor pavilions, 7 outdoor greenhouses and 5000 square meters of bare booths. All kinds of transport vehicles, fermentation tanks, feed towers and other equipment are displayed in the bare space booth. This exhibition will further innovate, improve and implant more functions in many aspects such as exhibition area planning, key exhibitions, supporting meetings, exhibition services and Internet applications, so as to realize the accurate connection between exhibitors and visitors, so that exhibitors and visitors can enjoy more reasonable, convenient and thoughtful exhibition efficiency and exhibition experience, Improve the quality of the exhibition.

Post time: Mar-07-2022