Q & A

What should I consider when purchasing an exhaust fan?

There are many important factors need to consider when make decision on purchasing a van. Firstly cost is one critical fact, which mean raw material, motor, bearing etc will effect the cost; but you should also consider the efficiency of the fan, the noise level, and energy consumption. Many exhaust fans have low price, but in terms of energy consuming, it will cost you more and more.

what is regularly maintenance of motor gearbox?

Inspection and maintenance work MUST be carried out by qualified technician.

Although the motor gearbox is maintenance free, it is recommended to regularly check:

• Operation performance and possible grease leakage. Inform your installer in case of grease leakage.

• Mechanical conditions (wear and tear, attachments etc)

• The pre-set end positions (are they still correct for the driven system?).

What are Livestock Barn Curtain Benefits?

Ventilation, supply fresh air into barn to improve animal production capability;

Insulation, protect animal from harsh environment like extreme high or low climate;

Temperature Control, minimize or maximize the air flow in the barn by curtain movement to maintain a suitable temperature for animal growing and production.